Doris Behrens

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Doris Behrens

Department for Economy and Health

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Behrens, D.; Gartner, D.; Brown, J.; Powell, E.; Westwood, D.;Spernaes, I. (2021). COVID-19: TEST-TRACE-PROTECT in Wales. Impact, 04.05.2021: 10-12, Taylor & Francis

Caley, L.; Williams, SJ., Spernaes, I.; Thomas, D.; Behrens, D. (2021). Frameworks for evaluating education programmes and work related learning: a scoping review. Journal of Workplace Learning, ahead-of-print: JWL-09-2020-0157

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Resilience in Healthcare Systems: Implications for Austria

OR21 - International Conference on Operations Research, 01/09/2021

Myth Busting in Outpatient Management

Cardiff University, 12/03/2021

Creating Engaging Presentations

Online Session for the Bevan Commission, 15/02/2021

The Psychology of Data Visualisations

Online Session for the Bevan Commission, 01/02/2021

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