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Since 2023 Karin Bischof has been Professor in the Department of European Politics and Democracy Studies and head of the department. Previously she has, among other things, worked as an Assistant Professor at the Hebrew University and an Associate Professor at the University of Vienna, undertaking both research and teaching roles. Her habilitation thesis was on the subject of the relationship between empirical democracy studies and democratic theory. It was presented at the University of Vienna, where she also did her doctorate on (trans)national ideas of Europe. Her research interests relate to processes of change in democracy in Europe in a global context, from an intersectional and feminist perspective. In this context, she pays special attention to issues of inequality and diversity in the transformation of European democracy, processes of (horizontal) Europeanization and the politics of the past in the development of European democracy.

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Publications (Extract Research Database)

Bischof, K.; Löffler, M. (2023). What Parliamentary Rhetoric tells us about Changing Democratic Culture: Antisemitism in Austrian Parliamentary Debate as a Threat to Democracy. Redescriptions: Political Thought, Conceptual History and Feminist Theory, 26(2): 141-150

Bischof, K. (2022). Demos- und Wir-Konstruktionen und die Transformation der Demokratie. Nomos, Baden-Baden

Bischof, K.; Löffer, M. (2022). Antisemitismus als politische Strategie. Plenumsdebatten im österreichischen Nationalrat nach 1945. In: Grimm, M; Hainzl, Ch., Antisemitismus in Österreich: 43-61, Hentrich & Hentrich, Leipzig

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