The digital revolution particularly challenges small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): What are the challenges, opportunities and risks facing them? The innovative EU project DigiCulTS aims to support the digitization process in developing helpful instruments.

The creation of the platform digicults.eu is planned for May 2022, on which employees, employers and job seekers will be able to access four central services.


From self-assessment to knowledge transfer

What small and medium-sized enterprises need digital literacy for is the first service made with the goal to raise awareness on the matter. Assessment tools analyze existing knowledge in order to identify the need for further training, whereas the test results generate individualized recommendations for further training. 

The next service is about expanding knowledge about digital competences and digital culture in SMEs. The DigiCulTS online course will address which knowledge, skills and competences are relevant for small and medium-sized enterprises in order to remain competitive in the digital world.

The final step logically lies in offering learning resources. In a virtual library open learning resources or Open Educational Resources (OER) are collected to support the development of digital competences in SMEs. Via this database, both third party validated OERs and DigiCulTS-OERs will be available.

Know-how in online applications

The Center for Research in Educational Technology at Danube University Krems supports DigiCulTS especially in developing the online assessment and the online course. The focus is on a learner-centered learning & teaching design, building on the previous knowledge of the users, which is collected in the online assessment tool.

The project invites all SMEs with up to 50 employees to participate by giving interviews and forming focus groups. Please send Isabell Grundschober an e-mail, if you are interested.


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