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The Rectorate of Danube University Krems provides updated information and measures

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Status: 30 March 2020 – information

Danube University Krems has been teleworking for about 14 days now. Once more, we would like to take this opportunity to express explicitly our gratitude for your considerable achievements. You have demonstrated impressively how the implementation and development of existing and new solutions were carried out very quickly and how Danube University Krems immediately switched to teleworking. Whether in teaching, such as the shift from classroom to online courses, in research or in the administration: the commitment and performance are exemplary. Even events, such as the EDUdays or the Administrative Law Forum 2020, will be held online this year.

With this background, but especially in view of the still challenging developments regarding COVID-19 and in order to support the respective planning additionally, the Rectorate has decided today that Danube University Krems will continue to operate in teleworking mode for the time being until 30 April 2020 and a reassessment of the situation will take place mid of April.

Special leave of absence will comply with the stipulations and fully apply for the time being (see PDF file). This ongoing shift to teleworking Danube Universität Krems consistently pursues implies that it is not possible to carry out your work in the full extent of the respective job descriptions in all areas equally. Therefore, the Rectorate will support to reduce existing time credits and to take already approved or planned holidays in consultation with your superior, wherever reasonable and feasible, following the spirit of solidarity and overall responsibility. In principle, special leave of absence is also applicable in areas in which care responsibilities exist.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that the biomedical laboratories of Danube University Krems are analyzing COVID-19 samples in the cause of our overall societal responsibility. The tests complied with the necessary safety regulations are carried in close cooperation with the central laboratory of the University Hospital St. Pölten and make a valuable contribution to expanding the testing capacities. Relevant preparations are underway.

Please continue to address any questions to We will keep you updated as before.

Further organizational measures (e.g. additional solutions for mail processing, contactless book collection in the library, ...) are in preparation.


Status: 20 March 2020 – information

Danube University Krems is also in a special and challenging situation. However, it is our declared ambition to support you, dear students, in your progress of studies in the best possible way and to keep possible delays as small as possible, or to avoid them by innovative or even individual solutions.

As you know, Danube University Krems has suspended all courses with attendance until April 14th due to official regulations. However, where possible and reasonable, these are partly carried out in online teaching, a catch-up of failed attendance units is of course planned. For further information please contact your course director.


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Status: 17 March 2020 – information

Within a very short time Danube University Krems has now switched to teleworking.

In order to manage the coming next weeks in the best possible way, the Rectorate of Danube University Krems has decided to establish a “Management Team COVID-19 Operations".

Members of this team are:

Friedrich Faulhammer, Viktoria Weber, Thomas Ratka

Stefan Nehrer
Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medicine

Gerald Steiner
Dean of the Faculty of Business and Globalization

Christian Hanus
Dean of the Faculty of Education, Arts and Architecture

Margit Rathmanner
Head of Infrastructure Division

Stefan Sagl
Head of Communication, Marketing and PR Division

In the period ahead, this team will, supported by all responsible areas within the university and in coordination with the authorities, assess the current situation from various perspectives and prepare measures and decisions so that our employees and students can continue to cope with the special situation in a good manner.

Please continue to direct any questions to We will keep you updated as we did before.


Status: 15 March 2020 – information

In regard to the current development and the procedures that have just been decided by the National Council and in addition to the measures already taken on Friday at Danube University Krems the Rectorate implemented the following measures as of today:

  • With immediate effect, teleworking is approved for all employees of Danube University Krems until further notice.
  • In preparation for telework you do not need to come to the university on Monday. First preparations for medium-term business via telework can be done from home. If direct telework, even limited telework, is not possible, please stay at home anyway.
  • Should a physical presence be necessary due to absolutely necessary tasks that cannot be postponed, these tasks should be carried out with the lowest personal presence as possible and in strict compliance with the protective measures.
  • Executives staff members of the University are asked to contact their respective teams by telephone, if possible today, about the measures taken and to ensure that they are implemented.

Danube University Krems will change over to telework to the greatest possible extent until 14 April 2020. Teleworking or limited teleworking is also possible without the availability of a business laptop. The Rectorate strongly supports a situation-adapted procedure within the university in this regard.

It is the declared aim of the Rectorate to keep the personal presence of the staff at Danube University Krems as low as possible. Delays resulting from this - as already communicated - will be represented by the Rectorate to third parties.

As in the time before questions can be directed to at any time. These will be answered as soon as possible.

In these challenging times, we as a university have a great responsibility and act as a role model. We thank you for your help in the current situation and for the exemplary role you and we as a university will take in the coming weeks.


Status: 13 March 2020 – information

Due to the special situation regarding the topic "Coronavirus", the Rectorate, after consultation with the Chairperson of the Works Council, has stipulated further measures, which are valid until 14 April 2020:

  • Personal contacts with students are to be discontinued. This also applies to all exams on campus, admission interviews etc.
  • As of Monday, 16 March, the old building will only be freely accessible via the entrance at Café Virginier (Wing K). Entering to the old and new buildings are only possible with a staff card or chip.
  • The library and the Academic Service Center will be closed.
  • Business trips are prohibited without exception.
  • Internal meetings are to be reduced to the bare necessities.
  • In regards of limiting social contacts as far as possible, teleworking should be implemented to the largest possible extent, primarily targeting the following groups of people (see PDF)
    - Persons with serious previous illnesses, chronic diseases and immune deficiency (at their own request)
    - Persons over the age of 60
    - Persons with care responsibilities, unless the care service can be organized otherwise. Accommodation in kindergartens, schools and with grandparents is not an option!
    - Persons travelling by public transport
  • If teleworking cannot be implemented, special exemptions are possible (see PDF).
  • The regulation that children should not be brought to campus if possible, applies to Campus Kids. Restricted operation of Campus Kids will be maintained.
  • For dealing with flu-like symptoms and similar suspected cases, please see PDF.

Today, these additional measures were taken to maintain the operation of Danube University Krems, which, however, must be reduced to the bare necessities. Any resulting delays shall be documented. The Rectorate will represent the university in dealings with funding agencies and other bodies.

As in the time before questions regarding these measures can be directed to at any time.

We ask you to support all measures in the best possible way and to implement them in the sense of a joint mastering of the current challenges.


Status: 11 March 2020 – information

The Rectorate of the Danube University Krems is in constant exchange with the authorities as well as in coordination with organizational units about the "coronavirus" and informs as follows:

  • The reading rooms of the library will be closed from 12 March 2020 until 4 April 2020. The lending desk will remain open. Borrowing is possible.
  • Campus Sport and Workplace Health Courses: From 12 March 2020, the courses will be suspended until 4 April 2020.

At the same time, general research activities are to be maintained irrespective of the measures taken. Business trips are still possible, but please note the current travel warnings.

Following the communication of 4 March 2020, employees with care responsibilities can stay at home if needed. In this case, please clarify the next steps (dependant care leave, home office etc.) with your superior by telephone.

The measures already implemented on 4 March 2020 and 10 March 2020 (see information below) remain to be applied.


Status: 10 March 2020 – information

As the latest media reports unfold (today`s press conference of the Federal Government at noon), higher education institutions will have to cancel classroom teaching and restrict events from Monday, 16 March 2020 at the latest - for the time being, until 3 April 2020.

More detailed official requirements have not yet been communicated. In any case, the Rectorate has decided that as of tomorrow, 11 March 2020, no classroom teaching will be held at the Danube University Krems and that no more events with external guests will be held or should be cancelled - also until 3 April 2020. Ongoing classroom courses at the university can be completed by the end of the week, Sunday 15 March 2020.

Scheduled exams can still be held - in case of cancellations by students, fairness should be exercised.

We will keep you informed about further measures and administrative information.

Of course, all measures that have already come into force will continue to apply - see below:


Status: 4 March 2020 – information

In coordination with the authorities, we ask our staff and students to take the following measures:

  1. Persons, who experience typical symptoms of coronavirus or who have been to any by the WHO designated risk regions are asked to voluntarily reduce their social contacts considerably and to stay away from the university during the first 14 days after returning from these areas. Classified risk regions by the WHO are currently Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Singapore, China, and the Italian regions of Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna.
  2. Affected students are asked to contact the respective course director via telephone or e-mail for this period.
  3. Affected employees should contact their superior by telephone or e-mail. Employees with care responsibilities can stay at home if needed. In this case, please clarify the next steps (dependant care leave, home office etc.) with your superior by telephone. Due to the special situation a confirmation of illness is not required in the case of absences; a presentation of plausible reason for non-attendance is enough.
  4. In case of a suspected infection with COVID-19 please follow the instructions of NOTRUF NÖ GMBH: - please contact the number 1450
  5. Please inform us about all (suspected) cases of coronavirus by sending an e-mail to:
  6. Please note the current travel warnings issued by the Ministry of European and International Affairs (
  7. You will find detailed information on the coronavirus (symptoms, procedure and prevention) on the website of the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety GmbH (AGES):
  8. Please follow the general recommendations by the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior (see Pdf Protective Measures Corona).


More information for employees can be found in Infowiki (

If you have any questions, please send them to We will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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