The Center for Dementia Studies at Danube University Krems was founded about six years ago and is  headed by Professor Stefanie Auer ever since. To continue her research on topics such as prevention, early detection, awareness raising and psychosocial treatment approaches, she was once more granted the professorship for dementia research in accordance with § 99 UG.

Stefanie Auer
Andrea Reischer

"We urgently need new concepts and creative solutions to deal effectively with the rising incidence of dementia worldwide. Through my research, I want to contribute, as far as possible, so that people with dementia can maintain their independence and quality of life. Another of my concerns is to improve the way people with dementia are treated. In this area, I develop cooperation-supported training courses for different professional groups and for relatives. Therefore, I am delighted to be able to continue my work at Danube University Krems", says Prof Stefanie Auer, head of the Center for Dementia Studies.

Research projects and online trainings

In the last six years, Stefanie Auer initiated international research projects, such as the project "DEMDATA - The Czech-Austrian long-term care project". Among other things, this international project examined the frequency of dementia diseases in care homes and nursing homes for the elderly. This was done in close cooperation with the University of Prague (Prof Iva Holmerova) and the MAS Alzheimerhilfe. Furthermore, Prof Auer developed in cooperation with the MAS Alzheimerhilfe as well as the Sicherheitsakademie (SIAK), a successfully established and multiple award-winning learning program for police officers. The interactive online training is designed to impart skills and confidence in dealing with people with dementia. In the future, further learning offers for specific occupational groups will be developed and evaluated.

About the person

Stefanie Auer studied psychology at the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz and worked as a researcher abroad for several years, at first at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and then at New York University (Department of Psychiatry) in the USA. Until 2001, Auer was Research Assistant Professor at New York University. Since 2001, she is scientific director of the Austrian MAS Alzheimerhilfe. Since 2009, Stefanie Auer is head of the Master's program in Dementia Studies at Danube University Krems.


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