Encouraged by last year's success and the great response, the University of Continuing Education Krems in cooperation with Art in Dialogue will again organise an international orchestra academy in August in the earthquake-ravaged town of Accumoli in central Italy. This year's programme will focus on works by Ludwig van Beethoven.

The University of Continuing Education Krems has been involved in the reconstruction of the destroyed city of Accumoli in central Italy since the devastating earthquakes of 2016/2017. It coordinates a large number of international research projects and university teaching development projects for the holistic reconstruction of earthquake-damaged historic cities. The project of the "Accademia Vicino di Accumoli" is under the direction of Univ.-Prof. Dipl.Arch.ETH Dr. Christian Hanus, Head of the Department of Building and Environment at the University of Continuing Education Krems.

Young musical talents from all over the world come to the "Scuola di Ricostruzione di Accumoli" to practise orchestral playing and chamber formations under the guidance of internationally renowned lecturers. They also receive individual lessons and attend lectures on music theory. The focus is not only on perfecting musical performance, but also on the impact music can have - in this case on the reconstruction process - and the social responsibility artists assume in the process. Highlights are the joint concert with the local music band in Accumoli, cultural events with the local associations, the public final concerts in Norcia and Ascoli Piceno and finally the musical accompaniment of the memorial mass celebrated by the Bishop of Rieti on the anniversary of the earthquake in Accumoli.

A long and successful collaboration

Through the project work, numerous friendships developed between the orchestra members and the local population. The "Accademia Vicino di Accumoli" also developed close ties with the local music band "Corpo bandastico di Accumoli", the local associations ("pro loco", "radici accumolesi") and the municipality of Accumoli, all of whom played a decisive role in supporting the project. The project is further supported by the city of Norcia and the city of Ascoli Piceno in the realisation of the public final concerts. The parish of Accumoli and the diocese of Rieti support the musical organisation of the liturgical commemorations. The "Accademia Vicino di Accumoli" pursues the goal of revitalising the cultural and social dimensions of the small town in the Apennines, which has been destroyed since the earthquakes of 2016/17, and thus significantly supporting the reconstruction of the structural substance. This year, the orchestra project was awarded the European State Prize of the Republic of Austria in the category of art and culture.

The 2022 Programme

This year's lecturers are, as last year, well-known and established musicians. They are Johannes Wildner (artistic director, conducting), Jon Svinghammar (conductor), Rusanda Panfili (violin), Ernst Kovacic (violin), Reinhold Rieger (viola), Teodora Miteva (cello), Ángela Valera Casanova (bassoon) and Walter Reitbauer (horn).

Public dates

A musical aperitif: Piazzetta Accupoli, Accumoli, 20.08., 20.00 hrs.

Homage to Beethoven: Piazza San Benedetto, Norcia, 21.08., 21.30 hrs.

Homage to Beethoven: Chiostro di San Francesco, Ascoli Piceno: 22.08., 21.00 hrs

Commemorative concert for the anniversary of the earthquake: Scuola di Ricostruzione di Accumoli: 24.08., 6.00 p.m.

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