The European Union funded project "Complex Participatory Reconstruction of Urban Structures" (ComPaRe) is led by the Department for Building and Environment of the University for Continuing Education Krems and receives its funding through the "Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships" program. The three-year project deals with the development of teaching methods and didactic tools to cope with the complex task of reconstruction of destroyed historical centers. The launch meeting took place in Accumoli, Italy, on 24 and 25 May 2022.

One of the main objectives of the "ComPaRe" project is to develop, optimize and test teaching methods, didactic concepts and instruments for dealing with real, complex tasks in the reconstruction of historic city centers destroyed by nature or man. Besides the reconstruction of the physical urban structure, the project also focuses on economic and social structures as well as cultural and religious life. In the process, it is intended to support the development of intercultural competencies as well as to encourage critical thinking about factors that influence the resilience of cities and their invisible structures.

Reconstruction forms a precedent

The "Scuola di Ricostruzione di Accumoli", which is located above the earthquake-damaged old town, served as the venue for the project launch meeting in May. The municipality of Accumoli opened it to the project consortium for study and research purposes as well as for holding public events. As it is a place where the local population and authorities meet the facility plays an important role.

Implementation of the memorandum on the Scuola di Ricostruzione di Accumoli

On 12 November 2019, the partner institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the installation and operation of a joint school for reconstruction in Accumoli during an official ceremony, motivating them to participate in the project. ComPaRe project will contribute to fulfil the objectives of the memorandum, creating both a methodology and knowledge base that can be implemented and used beyond the project consortium and after the end of the project. Thus, the project results will not only benefit Accumoli.

Together, the partner institutions will develop an inter- and transdisciplinary teaching and research program designed for a holistic reconstruction of the destroyed urban structures. The project scope includes developing and installing study programs for rebuilding destroyed historical centers as well as a manual for designing such study programs at academic institutions.

International Cooperation

The University for Continuing Education Krems coordinated the International Partner Consortium that includes Sapienza Università di Roma, the University of Camerino, the Czech Technical University in Prague, the Masaryk University in Brno, the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and the Czech Academy of Sciences. Associated partners of the project are: The Municipality of Accumoli, the Pontifical Athenaeum of Sant'Anselmo in Rome and the association "Venti di Cultura".

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