A set of 12 scientific an technical objectives were defined: 1. To define users requirements for Knowledge Management (KM) and to develop a functional specification for the ENKE system. 2. To define a KM framework and to model this framework. 3. To propose methods for the KM framework operations. 4. To develop a technical specification for the ENKE system. 5. To develop version 1 of the ENKE KM system and to qualify the system for the project applications. 6. To develop application 1 and to install a pilot. 7. To develop application 2 and to install a pilot. 8. To demonstrate KM practices in the two project applications and to validate the concepts, methods and tools developed in the project. 9. To measure the improvement brought for the applications and to assess potential business impacts. 10. To produce version 2 of the ENKE KM system. 11. To create and to upkeep an ENKE Web site and to disseminate information on the project and on the results obtained. 12. To develop a plan to exploit the project results.


Duration 01/07/2001 - 01/08/2003
Funding EU

Department for Knowledge and Communication Management

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