Joint Efforts of Police and Health Authorities in the EU Member States and Third Countries to Combat and Prevent Trafficking in Human Beings and Protect and Assist Victims of Trafficking


? To Develop skills and best practices for the better medical protection of trafficked victims through closer cooperation between law enforcement, health authorities and NGOs. ? To protect, care and support (re-establish their mental and physical health) victims of trafficking, thus enabling their active participation before, during and after criminal proceedings as a witness, and consequently improving chances of successful prosecution of traffickers. ? To improve chances of successful reintegration of victims into work and life. ? To harmonize member state and third country health service provision for victims of trafficking, in particular in case of health risks of victims and the general public as part of a comprehensive and all encompassing anti-trafficking strategy.


Duration 01/04/2012 - 19/03/2014
Funding EU
Program EU

Department for Migration and Globalization

Center for Migration, Integration and Security

Principle investigator for the project (Danube University Krems) Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Gudrun Biffl
Project members Mag. Friedrich Altenburg, MSc Mag. Dr. Thomas Pfeffer Mag. Mag. Agnieszka Trnka-Kwiecinski


Biffl, G.; Pfeffer, T.; Trnka-Kwiecinski, A. (2014). Joint efforts of police and health authorities to combat trafficking in human beings. Handbook for professionals at the interface of police & health authorities. NGO Payoke und Danube University Krems, Antwerpen und Krems

Biffl, G.; Pfeffer, T.; Trnka-Kwiecinski, A. (2014). Handbook for professionals at the interface of police & health authorities. NGO Payoke Antwerpen/Danube University Krems, Antwerpen und Krems


The Role of independent research and higher education in the prevention of THB

Payoke-CEIPA joint Conference in cooperation with the City of Brussels, 11/10/2012

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