The new ERASMUS+ programme demands more sustainability from the project-consortiums and it will be more important to name and describe the impact of project-results on different levels. Furthermore there have been many LdV-TOI projects in the past whose results don´t exist anymore. These are the basic reasons for developing and implementing innovative tools for project-coordinators and other actors to check their partners in matters of their possibilities to ensure a sustainable impact before starting a project. TOI TOI TOI: 1) analyses project-consortia, 2) evaluates existing project-results, 3) develops alternative evaluation tools for project-consortia and 4) tests the tools in the partner-countries.


Duration 01/10/2014 - 30/09/2016
Funding EU
Program ERASMUS+

Department for Continuing Education Research and Educational Technologies

Principle investigator for the project (University for Continuing Education Krems) Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil.habil. Monika Kil
Project members
Ingrid Muthsam
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