Risk assessment and sustainable protection of Cultural Heritage in changing environment


Integrated approaches for the development/implementation of regional and local plans aiming at the management of environmental pressure and flood impact on Cultural Heritage in emergency situations. Description The project will lead to an improved protection, management and sustainable use of the cultural heritage as well as its valorization in a changing environment through the development and implementation of regional and local strategies based on the accurate processing, harmonization and transfer of the already existing information concerning the vulnerability and resilience of cultural heritage to extreme events (heavy rain, flood, storm). Therefore it answers to the specific objective to " improve capacities for the sustainable use of cultural heritage and resources” by: -Promoting the share of experience on critical elements in the resilience and risk management of CH - Developing ICT solutions (maps and web-based inventory) for risk management and protection of CH in Central Europe; -Developing tools (catalogue, handbook) with practices/strategies on disaster resilience of CH for the best exploitation of data already existing but not exhaustively used and shared; - pilot testing and implementing of the innovative management models set up by active involvement of Municipalities; -implementing emergency plans in Municipalities for CH protection and sustainable use; -training on management concepts for efficient preservation and consequently valorization of heritage sites. .



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