The Research Service office supports the process of exploiting scientific results through publication, patenting or licensing.

Open Access

Open Access Strategy of Danube University Krems

Open access is available for the public, unlimited and free access to scientific publications on the Internet. As a signatory of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, Danube University Krems is committed to support the free and sustainable access to scientific publications and research data. By means of its open access strategy Danube University Krems encourages all researchers to publish their results and findings.

Danube University Krems supports the Directory of Open Access Journals, a directory of open access journals, which has a strict quality assurance procedure.

Services for University Members

  • Information about the funding bodies’ open access guidelines  
  • Consultancy on open access funding opportunities
  • Administration of the publication funding for Danube University Krems’ publications in renowned open access journals
  • Information about open data and possibilities for long-term archiving in repositories
  • Interface to the University’s Library

Utilization and property rights

Danube University focuses its IP and exploitation strategy on wholly transferring research results to industry and society and to open various support and funding possibilities for researchers.

Services for University staff

  • Administrative support exploiting research results
  • Contact point for technology promotion agencies
  • Support in patent filing
  • Documentation
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