• Graduation

    Master of Science (Continuing Education)

  • ECTS-Points


  • Learning format

    Blended learning

  • Duration

    4 semesters

  • Attendance

    max. 24

  • Start

    1 October 2026

  • Admission requirements

    Bachelor's degree and professional experience

  • Language


  • Study location

    Krems (AT)

  • Curriculum

    Subject to Senate approval

The concept of "Advanced Nursing Practice" (ANP) varies in definition and implementation depending on the country and healthcare system. However, the main goal is always to expand nursing practice and enable broader or more specialized tasks for highly qualified nurses. The Master's program in Advanced Nursing Practice prepares qualified health and nursing care professionals for these demanding clinical tasks and leadership roles. They become experts in specialized areas of nursing (e.g., wound care, continence and stoma care, care for individuals with dementia) and acquire advanced methodological competencies to enhance clinical nursing practice and nursing quality in various settings.
Martina Kuttig

Studying Advanced Nursing Practice means elevating expertise to a higher level, achieving greater autonomy in practice, and optimizing patient care in innovative ways.

Mag. phil.
Martina Kuttig

Deputy Department Head - Department of Dementia Research and Nursing Science

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  • future skills

  • specializations

  • global/international perspective

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