In 2014, the University for Continuing Education Krems obtained the right to offer PhD programs based on top-notch research and instruction. All our PhD programs are accredited by AQ Austria, the quality assurance agency of Austrian universities:


Rooted in Research

The PhD programs are complementing the scientific excellence in research. The students – approximately five per year in each of the programs – take part in third-party funded research projects, on the basis of which they are employed while at the same time participating in cutting edge research. The PhD programs at the University for Continuing Education Krems are characterized by intensive guidance in a structured but flexible project-oriented research scheme, where Summer Schools and scientific colloquia are the locus for reflection and mentoring.



The main objective is to raise the skills and competencies of the students such that they are able to make original scientific contributions to their chosen fields of research. In the course of their studies, students will have an opportunity to obtain deeper knowledge and understanding of interdisciplinary approaches and scholarly communication, in addition to gaining a solid foundation in their respective specializations.

During the project-oriented, six semester programs, the students will not only be exposed to the latest research findings and methods but will also and above all be encouraged to develop their own research topics; they will find the support needed to establish themselves in the research field and the scientific community.

Graduates of the University for Continuing Education Krems PhD programs will be able to make original, independent scientific contributions to their research fields. The program particularly focuses on the following:

  • Knowledge of the current state of research
  • Ability to recognize interfaces with related research areas and to establish points of intersection
  • Skills for writing scientific papers that meet the international quality standards
  • Skills for presenting their own research findings in scientific discourse
  • Ability to reflect on the ethical and social implications and consequences of their research
  • Skills for organizing and implementing research processes, and for working in national and international research teams.

Upon successful completion, students are conferred the academic title Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).


Duration of Study

The PhD programs at the University for Continuing Education Krems require at least three years or six semesters of study.


Target groups, Admission Requirements

Target groups are the next generation of scientists who want to undertake original scientific research in accordance with international standards. The prerequisite for admission is a master’s degree. 

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