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Karin Siebenhandl

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Karin Elisabeth Siebenhandl

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Edelmann, N.; Schoßböck, J.; Siebenhandl, K.; Lampoltshammer, T.J. (2017). Open Access Publishing in Academia: Policy and Personal Strategy. Parycek, P.; Edelmann, E., CeDEM17 - Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government: 171-175, Edition Donau-Universität Krems, Krems

Siebenhandl, K. (2017). Evaluation struktureller Entwicklungsprozesse in Wissenschaft und Forschung. In: Jennifer Dahmen, Anita Thaler, Soziale Geschlechtergerechtigkeit in Wissenschaft und Forschung, Verlag Barbara Budrich, Leverkusen-Opladen

Siebenhandl, K.; Mayr, E. (2015). GenderTime: Evaluation of Measures for Women Encouragement in Science Organisations. womENcourage online proceedings, ACM, Uppsala

Siebenhandl, K.; Schreder, G.; Smuc, M.; Mayr, E.; Nagl, M. (2013). A User-Centered Design Approach to Self-Service Ticket Vending Machines. Professional Communication, IEEE Transactions on, Volume:56, Issue: 2: 138 - 159

Schreder, G.; Smuc, M.; Siebenhandl, K.; Mayr, E. (2013). Age and Computer Self-Efficacy in the Use of Digital Technologies: An Investigation of Prototypes for Public Self-Service Terminals. In: Constantine Stephanidis, Margherita Antona, Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. User and Context Diversity. 221-230, Springer, Berlin Heidelberg

Schreder, G.; Siebenhandl, K.; Mayr, E.; Smuc, M. (2012). The Ticket Machine Challenge: Social Inclusion by Barrier-free Ticket Vending Machines. In: Loos, E. F., Haddon, L. & Mante-Meijer, E., Generational Use of New Media: 129-148, Ashgate

Siebenhandl, K.; Smuc, M.; Windhager, F. (2011). A Message for You. E. Bekiaris, M. Wiethoff & E. Gaitanidou, Infrastructure and Safety in a Collaborative World: Road Traffic Safety: 243-263, Springer, Heidelberg

Schreder, G.; Mayr, E.; Siebenhandl, K.; Smuc, M.; Nagl, M. (2011). Narrative Interaction as Means for Intuitive Public Information Systems. International Journal of Public Information Systems: 143-149

Husu, L.; Siebenhandl, K.; Apostolov, G.; Zauchner, S.; Gindl, M. (2009). ADVANCE- advanced training for woman in scientific research . A review of an innovative concept. Encourangement to advance- supporting woman in European sciene careers: 119-136, Kleine Verlag, Bielefeld, Germany

Schreder, G.; Siebenhandl, K.; Mayr, E. (2009). E- Inclusion in Public Transport. The Role of Self- Efficacy. HCI and Usability for e- Inclusion: 301-311, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany

Schreder, G.; Siebenhandl, K.; Mayr, E.; Smuc, M. (2009). Hindernis Fahrkartenautomat? Höhere Mobilitätschancen durch zugängliche und benutzerfreundliche Fahrkartenautomaten. G. Kempter, uDayVII. Technologienutzung ohne Barrieren: 105-114, Pabst, Lengerich, Germany

Schreder, G.; Siebenhandl, K.; Mayr, Smuc, M. (2009). The ticket machine challenge? Social inclusion by barrier-free ticket vending machines. The good, the bad and the challenging: The user and the future of information and communication technologies: 780-790, ABS-Center, Koper, Slowenia

Risku, H.; Mayr, E.; Smuc, M. (2009). Situated interaction and cognition in the wild, wild world: Unleashing the power of users as innovators. Journal of Mobile Multimedias: 287-300

Smuc, M.; Windhager, F.; Siebenhandl, K.; Schreder, G. (2009). Schriftdesign auf den Punkt gebracht. Resultate der Lesbarkeitsstudie für Wechselverkehrszeichen aus dem EU- Projekt InSaftey. Zeitschrift für Verkehrssicherheit: 9-15

Egger, S.; Simlinger, P.; Smuc, M.; Siebenhandl, K. (2008). AN e for Europe: The first design driven EU project- Substituting/optimizing (variable) message signs for the Trans European Road Network. INternational Conference of Applications of Information Design 2008, Eskilstuna, Sweden

Siebenhandl, K.; Smuc, M.; Simlinger, P.; Egger, S. (2008). Evaluation of Pictorial Messages for Variable Message Signs to Enhance Comprehensibility. ITS Connections: Saving Time, Saving Lines, New York, USA

Smuc, M.; Windhager, F.; Siebenhandl, K.; Egger, S. (2008). Designing letters on the dot. Testing of typerfaces for static and variable message signs to enhance legibility. Proceedings of the 15th ITS World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, ITS, New York, USA

Zauchner, S.; Zens, B.; Siebenhandl, K.; Jütte, W. (2008). Gendersensitives Design durch partizipative Mediengestaltung- Evaluationskonzept zur Entwicklung eines Onlinerollenspieles für Mädchen. A. Höber, Learning Communities; Der Cyberspace als neuer Lern- und Wissensraum: 247-258, Campus Verlag, Münster

Weinberger, J.; Vasek, J.; Siebenhandl, K.; Egger, S.; Hollo, P. (2008). Vysledky posuzovani srozumitelnosti a pochopitelnosti dopravnich symbolu (piktogramu) realizovanych v Ceske republice, Rakousku a Madarsku. Silnicni obzor: 38-43

Husu, L.; Siebenhandl, K. (2008). Transfer models: Recommendations for implementing a summer school and mentoring and coaching program for women scientists. Krems, Danube University

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Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Open Access Publishing in Academia: Policy and Personal Strategy (Workshop)

CeDEM17, Danube University Krems, 18/05/2017

Sustainable implementation of Gender Equality Action Plans

16th Annual STS Conference Graz 2017: Critical Issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies, 08/05/2017

GenderTime: Evaluation of Measures for Women Encouragement in Science Organisations

womENcourage 2015, 26/09/2015

Gendertime; Impact Evaluation As Part of the Learning Process

SASE International Conference: Inequality in the 21st Century, 03/07/2015

My Website is net deppat! Usability-Check von websites.

Workshop zum Alumnitag 2011, Donau-Universität Krems, 17/09/2011

Fahrkartenkaufen leicht gemacht, und zwar für Alle!

Alpbacher Technologiegespräche, 26/08/2011

Narrative Interaction as Means for Intuitive Public Information Systems

INTERACT 2011, Lisbon, 20/07/2011

Benutzerlust - Benutzerfrust: Über die Gebrauchstauglichkeit von Alltagstechnologien

Lange Nacht der Forschung, Donau-Universität Krems, 05/11/2010

The Ticket Machine Challenge? Social Inclusion by Barrier-Free Ticket Vending Machines

Space x, Exchange Forum on Information Design for Visually Impaired People, IIIDspace, Vienna, 25/10/2010

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