On 23 February 2023 the Department for Migration and Globalisation will host the another seminar of the Interdisciplinary migration research seminar series 'Beyond the usual suspects: Overlooked (f)actors in migration governance' online via Zoom and in presence at University for Continuing Education Krems.


23 February 2023, 10:30-11:30 am - registration will be opened soon 

Professor Peter Scholten (University of Rotterdam)

Rethinking the governance of migration and migration-related diversities: the prospects of a complexity governance approach



Why are migration and diversity policies so often perceived to have failed? What goes wrong in how we approach the governance of these issues? In this presentation I will elaborate a very basic assumption; that complex problems require a complexity approach. I wil show (1) that a complexification has and is taking place in migration and diversity, (2) that this conflicts with approaches of rational societal engineering and interventionism that prevail in many migration and ‘integration’ policies, (3) that this leads to alienation in terms of consequences of policies as well as effects it has on frontline officers implementing policies, and (4) that a complexity approach requires a more fundamental rethinking in how policies are designed but (5) that this can lead to succesful mainstreaming of policies and preventing alienation. 


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