Federica Zardo


Federica Zardo is Senior Researcher at the Department for Migration and Globalisation since March 2021.

  • Senior Researcher in the areas of interest at the Department for Migration and Globalisation
  • PhD supervision
  • Coordinator of the research cluster “Migration Policy and Governance”
  • Teaching in the framework of the PhD Programme "Migration Studies"
  • Projects: EasyRights, Quantmig, Sereny

About the person

Federica Zardo is a political scientist working at the intersection between International Relations and Public Policy, with an empirical focus on the EU´s external relations and the EU migration policy. She obtained a PhD in political science and international relations at the University of Turin with a thesis on EU-Tunisia relations which has been published in 2020 as a monograph by Palgrave Macmillan. From 2016 to 2021 she has been working as Assistant Professor at the University of Vienna, Centre for European Integration Research, and in March 2021 she joined the Danube University as senior researcher where she is working on the external dimension of the EU migration.

Her specific research interests include:

  • EU decision-making in the field of migration
  • EU-third countries relations on migration
  • Migration policy instruments and their impacts

Projects (Extract Research Database)

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Deters, H.; Zardo F. (2022). The european commission in Covid-19 vaccine cooperation: leadership vs coronationalism? Journal of European Public Policy, online: 1-21

Seeberg, P.; Zardo F. (2022). From Mobility Partnerships to Migration Compacts: security implications of EU-Jordan relations and the informalization of migration governance. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 6/48: 1345-1362

Zardo, F. (2022). The EU Trust Fund for Africa: Geopolitical space making through migration policy instruments. Geopolitics, 27/2: 584-603

Zardo, F.; Loschi, Ch. (2022). EU-Algeria (non) cooperation on migration: A tale of two fortresses. EU-Algeria (non) cooperation on migration: A tale of two fortresses, 27/2: 148-169

Zardo, F.; Wolff S. (2022). Decentering the Study of Migration Governance in the Mediterranean. Geopolitcs, 27: 678-702

Zardo, F. (2022). Voluntary implementation – European Neighbourhood Policy. In: Graziano, P. R.; Tosun J., Elgar Encyclopedia of European Union Public Policy: 474-482, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham

Zardo, F.; Rössl, L.; Khoury, Ch. (2022). Coping with the pandemic: the governance of public service provision for migrants in four European cities. Proceedings of the easyRights Final Conference

Czaika, M.; Bohnet, H.; Zardo, F. (2021). Disentangling the European Migration Policy-Mix Since 1990. QuantMig Project Report D5.5.

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

From policy-mixes to configurations: Disentangling interlinkages in European migration-relevant policies

Seventh Conference on Migration Research in Austria, 26/09/2022

European migration governance in the context of uncertainty

IMISCOE, 30/06/2022

Disentangling the European migration policy-mix

ISA, Nashville, 30/03/2022

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