Global change processes, geopolitical power shifts and transnational migration dynamics are among the central challenges of our time with comprehensive political, economic and social implications. Although various scientific disciplines, especially international politics and migration studies, deal with partial aspects of these problems, the dialogue between these fields of research is weak, both internationally and in Austria. Against this background, we propose a stronger linkage between international relations and migration research, which would allow for conceptual and theoretical innovation as well as methodological and empirical new approaches and results. This is to be realized through the creation of a platform for excellent research, teaching and scholarly communication that is unique in Europe, where the interrelationships of global policy processes and migration are discussed and researched in an interdisciplinary, multi-layered and critical manner and corresponding output is generated in the form of publications, third-party funding and policy advice. The cooperation between the Department of Migration and Globalization at Danube University Krems and the Austrian Institute of International Politics-oiip, which has existed for several years, has already done important preparatory work for the exchange and the convergence of the two disciplines through joint events, third-party funding applications and publication activities. The proposed platform can therefore be implemented as a further institutionalization and more comprehensive cooperation of both institutes and their focal points within the framework of a joint research program "Migration and International Politics". This research program addresses highly relevant thematic interfaces for politics and science, which have been in the focus of public debates in Austria and Europe in recent years. Over the next three years, these interdisciplinary interfaces will be addressed and further developed through research projects, a series of events, and academic and policy-related publications. The cooperation is to be prepared and made more visible for scientific and policy communities as well as the broader public. This will also strengthen Austria as a research location with an internationally unique focus.


Duration 01/01/2022 - 31/12/2023
Principle investigator for the project (University for Continuing Education Krems) Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mathias Czaika
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