Lea Müller-Funk is Senior Researcher and Principal Investigator at the Department of Migration and Globalisation since 2022.

  • Elise Richter Fellow
  • Coordinator of the research cluster Migration Processes and Drivers

About the person

After postdocs at the Universities of Oxford and Amsterdam and the German Institute for Global and Area Studies, Lea Müller-Funk is currently a senior researcher and Elise Richter Fellow at the Department for Migration and Globalisation at the Danube University Krems. Her work focuses on diaspora politics, migration processes in displacement contexts, as well as migration governance with a geographical focus on the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. Lea Müller-Funk holds a joint PhD degree in Comparative Politics and Arabic Studies from Sciences Po Paris and Vienna University.

She has led and been involved in various research projects on displacement (Marie Curie: SYRMAGINE (Syrian Imagination of Europe, 2017-2019), Horizon2020: MAGYC (Migration Governance and Asylum Crises, 2019-2021), FWF: SYREALITY (Syrian Imagination of Europe meet Reality, 2022-2026).

Her current research project SYREALITY focuses on drivers of (im)mobility and migration decision-making processes of Syrian refugees in the Middle East and Europe. It investigates how broader life aspirations influence refugees’ migration decisions; which influence war and displacement have on life aspirations and social class; and how forced migrants’ legal status and the context of reception in four different European cities impact their life aspirations and well-being.

Her specific research interests include:

  • migration decision-making in contexts of displacement
  • migration governance
  • diaspora politics with a geographical focus on the Middle East, North Africa and Europe

Twitter: @LeaMullerFunk

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