On 26 January, 2023 the Department for Migration and Globalisation will host the third seminar of the Interdisciplinary migration research seminar series 'Beyond the usual suspects: Overlooked (f)actors in migration governance' online via Zoom and in presence at University for Continuing Education Krems.




Today, we are experiencing social life in a super-diverse society (Vertovec 2007) and the question arises as to how welfare state institutions deal with this fact. In our various research projects about inequalities in transnational migration societies, my research team and me are focusing on the perspective of the involved actors themselves, who are both at the core of our interpretative constructivist research (Charmaz 2008): migrants and street-level workers of diverse welfare state institutions. We perceive these actors as embedded into broader societal systems: In the case of street-level bureaucrats, these are the welfare state institutions they work for; for migrants, these are their manifold social networks including their workplaces etc., but also broader society that confronts them with everyday discrimination and racism. I will conclude the talk by addressing difficulties we are dealing with in our research, such as the consequences of positionalities of the actors involved and us, the researchers.



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