Within the cooperation between the University of Continuing Education Krems (UWK) and the Austrian Institute of International Politics (OIIP) through the platform “Zwischenräume” (“inbetween spaces”), we are pleased to announce our joint research note on “The Impact of Migration on International Relations”.

The research note aims to unravel the complex interlinkage between migration and international relations, especially in regard to power relations, security, and diplomacy. We argue that integrating IR perspectives into migration studies can help provide a better ground for systematic comparative research, the generalization of conceptions, theory building and the consideration of international political and economic structures in the analysis of migration. Yet, there is a need to push the boundaries and question established assumptions in international relations, particularly those framing migration solely as a security threat and adhering to a state-centric perspective. Additionally, to foster a more comprehensive understanding, migration scholarship in IR should strive to transcend the limitations of a Eurocentric perspective. 

Read the Policy Brief "The Impact of Migration on International Relations" here


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