The Fellows- and Scholars Program “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” aims to involve national and international fellows and scholars in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation over a duration of one to two terms in research and teaching at Danube University Krems.

The program is organized by the Faculty of Business and Globalization, and positioned as a joint university program, also open for fellows and scholars hosted at the Faculty of Health and Medicine and the Faculty of Education, Arts and Architecture.

Campus der Donau-Universität Krems
Walter Skokanitsch

The overall aim of the program is to link scholars doing state-of-the-art research and fellows who are proven forerunners in practice (from business and industry to public administration and NGOs) with research and teaching activities at Danube University Krems.

We are particularly interested in fellows and scholars whose work is related to societal transition, cohesive and innovative societies, sustainable development and societal challenges in general, and who have a specific regional focus, such as the Danube Region or Lower Austria in particular.

We follow a strong method- and theory-driven approach, which builds on an interdisciplinary orientation and a transdisciplinary setting to enable knowledge integration between science and society. Our various Transdisciplinarity Labs provide a dedicated innovation space to meet other scholars from the academic world and fellows from practice.

Further partner institutions such as the Complexity Science Hub Vienna provide access to research into innovation and entrepreneurship embedded in complexity sciences.

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