Fellows and Scholars are expected to be in residence over a period of at least four months up to an academic year (September to June) in accordance with teaching schedules at the hosting faculty. They are expected to engage with the student communities and to contribute to the intellectual activities at the host institution. 

Lehrbetrieb an der Donau-Universität Krems
Walter Skokanitsch

This includes, amongst other things, at the Faculty of Business and Globalization: 

  • Participation in the regular meetings of the “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club”

  • At least one public appearance in cooperation with our research partners (i.e. Complexity Science Hub Vienna etc.) or our practice partners. 

  • Participation in the weekly Brown Bag Meeting including one talk on the progress of their own current work. 

  • Development of one publication project (if possible in conjunction with one of our Td Labs or Faculty). 

  • Development or participation in at least one transdisciplinary project activity. 

  • Participation in a Fireside Talk pertaining to a teaching program relevant to the visitor’s field of expertise.  

  • Tutoring of master students.

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