The 1st Global Transdisciplinarity Conference is going to be a meeting of scholars interested in Science Society Collaboration and knowledge integration both in person and virtually over the course of three days. Given the various constellations made possible by the hybrid nature of the event the issue is not that of the usual academic exercise of assigning seminar rooms with a beamer ready to panels, workgroups and talks. 

Instead the conference office will create Meeting Spaces - virtual, physical and hybrid - adapted to varying forms of interaction according to the needs of the groups that want to meet there. 

To that purpose, for the Track Meet & Greets on day one and the Forum on day three, please contact the conference office, which kind of event you would like to schedule and we will be happy to arrange a suitable Meeting Space for you. 

The following list of Meeting Spaces will likely expand over time. So make sure to check back! Maybe the ideal Meeting Space for you and your group has just been created. 

  • The Virtual: You are all present online or, maybe, you are present physically but choose to rather meet virtually with your peers while lounging in a deck chair on Campus or overlooking the Danube from the vineyards? 
    To that purpose we offer dedicated, moderated (if needed) Zoom rooms running on our university license. 
  • The Classic: You are all present in person and want to sit down to a good old 90 minutes of presentations and questions & answers in a quiet seminar room?
    To that purpose we can arrange well equipped seminar rooms and tech support if needed. 
  • The Hybrid: Some of you are present in person, some want to participate online in a series of presentations or a hybrid workshop?
    We will provide you with a seminar room and a set-up suitable for the kind of hybrid interaction you would like to have with your group.
  • The Online Exhibiton: You would like to present the results of your work, impressions from your transdisciplinary processes or various media to all participants, be it a classical poster, a video, presentation, podcast or some other kind of media? 
    We will create an online exhibition space suitable for all kinds of contributions and with the opportunity for visitors to leave comments, impressions and get in touch with you. 
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