Conference Tracks

Conference tracks represent fields of research, work and interest suggested by the core group of scholars over the Pre-Events. Each track is curated by a convener. Please contact the track convener if you are interested in participating actively in a track. 

  • Tracks will have the opportunity to meet physically or in hybrid form during the first day of the conference and engage in scholarly exchange. The format, organisation and chair of these meetings is up to the convener. 
  • Tracks will send representatives to the panels of the Main Sessions. Invitation to individual tracks to that purpose will come forth from the organisers. 
  • Active track participants will have the option to present current work or upcoming projects on the third day of the conference. 

The track list is likely to be updated as the preparations for the conference proceed. Check back regularly for the current status! 

Active Participants

Jeanette Müller

Jeanette Müller, Artist

Stefan Blachfellner

Stefan Blachfellner,
Systems researcher

Veronika DeisenriederVeronika Deisenrieder

Kay Mühlmann

Kay Mühlmann, Social Systems Researcher

Gerald Steiner

Gerald Steiner, Transdisciplinary innovation systems researcher

Eva Schernhammer

Eva Schernhammer, Public health researcher

Mathias Schüz

Mathias Schüz

Heike Köckler

Heike Köckler, Urban Planner 

Manfred Laubichler

Manfred Laubichler, Complex systems researcher

Susanne KubischSusanne Kubisch

Guido Caniglia

Guido Caniglia, Sustainability researcher

Barbara Kieslinger

Barbara Kieslinger

Roland Scholz

Roland Scholz, Transdisciplinarity Researcher

Ilja Steffelbauer

Ilja Steffelbauer, Historian


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