During her stay as Artist in Residence at Danube University Krems, the Serbian photo artist Andrea Palašti created a conceptual photographic picture series titled „Archives.“ The artist used the Archives of Contemporary Arts and its collection of artistic estates as both the setting and place of discovery for her work.

The exhibition project "The Contemporary Archive - A Special Collection" comprises a series of photographs showing a collection of personal treasures lifted out of their context: On the one hand archival objects, on the other everyday objects that have never been included in the official archives as representative historical objects, yet still occupy their place in the sphere. Information was not chosen deliberately, but collected randomly.

With contributions by Andrea Palašti, Christine Grond-Rigler, Theresia Hauenfels and Gundula Wilscher.

Brigitta Potz (editor): The Contemporary Archive - A Special Collection: An Artistic Research Project by Andrea Palašti. Vienna, Innsbruck: Studienverlag 2018 (The Archives of Contemporary Arts, Special Writings Volume 1). 112 pages, bound, numerous colored illustrations, ISBN: 978-3-7065-5653-8.

Further information: Studienverlag

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