European Security and Defence College (ESDC)

The ESDC is a network of civilian and military institutes, colleges, academies, universities, institutions and other actors dealing with security and defence policy issues within the EU.

The ESDC was established in 2005 to provide EU institutions and Member States with strategic-level education and training in the field of the Common Security and Defence Policy. The ESDC currently comprises around 140 training institutions with different expertise and backgrounds. Since its establishment, the ESDC has promoted the development of a European Security Culture through more than 500 training courses, seminars and conferences.

The ESDC awards its students a certificate which is recognised by all Member States and the EU institutions.

Cultural Property Protection Course

The "Cultural Property Protection Course" was developed and piloted in 2022 by the Center for Cultural Property Protection in cooperation with the National Defence Academy and the Amt für Kultur of the Principality of Liechtenstein. The curriculum is composed of e-learning and on-site training.

Following official approval, the curriculum was integrated into the ESDC training programme and has since been offered in courses conducted by international network partner organisations under the auspices of the ESDC.

Course Content


  • Raising awareness of the importance and necessity of cultural property protection in the EU's sphere of action
  • Insight into the complexity and diversity of cultural property protection
  • Introduction to various activities and measures in the field of cultural property protection
  • Identify appropriate measures for the conservation and protection of cultural property
  • Encouraging active participation in cultural property protection
  • Promoting cooperation with other professionals in the field of cultural heritage protection

Course Methodology


  • Introduction to an integrated and holistic approach to the protection of cultural property in crisis situations
  • Sharing best practices in planning and implementing effective measures to prevent, conserve and protect cultural property in crisis situations through case studies and practical exercises
  • Promoting a better understanding of the challenges of cultural property protection through presentations by experts from different disciplines
  • Interactive discussions to identify and analyse challenges to the protection of cultural property
  • Providing tools to address these challenges and translate theoretical concepts into real-life situations
  • Active participation in the learning process and peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and experience


Course Objectives


  • to develop a broad understanding of the importance of heritage conservation
  • to develop the ability to identify and take appropriate action to protect and conserve cultural heritage
  • to develop the skills to cooperate with other professionals at national and international levels in the event of a crisis
  • to develop the commitment to strengthen and promote heritage protection through collaborative efforts


Target Audience


  • Cultural Heritage Professionals
  • Military Personnel
  • Police Personnel
  • Anyone interested in the protection of cultural property, wishing to improve their knowledge and skills and make a significant contribution to the protection and conservation of our cultural heritage





Participation and registration

Each EU Member State has a number of national contact points or nominators who are responsible for registering selected candidates from that Member State for ESDC courses. If you are interested in attending the Cultural Property Protection Course, please ask your superior to contact your relevant national nominator via e-mail.

As part of the Certificate Program 'Cultural Property Protection and Disaster Response' and the Micro-Credential Program (stand-alone course) 'International Cultural Property Protection (ESDC)', the Center for Cultural Property Protection also offers a limited number of seats in the ESDC courses held at the University for Continuing Education Krems.

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