The students’ candidates from the DANUBIAN_SMCs Consortium are invited to apply for the DANUBIAN_SMCs opportunity with their submissions, following the project guidelines by 9th MAY 2022.

The main purpose is to equip students and teachers with competences, knowledge and skills of interdisciplinary interaction in order to successfully cope with contemporary challenges of inclusive development of Danube SMCs, taking in consideration the situation of less developed cities and regions.

The activity will take place by dividing the participating students into groups of 6-7 students, each group associated with one of the 5 thematic clusters and a favorite area in the city. During the activity, the students will focus on their own group project, developing it and discussing it with the professors and will get necessary data in order to have an overview of the city, of their local site, and the specific situation of the areas they assessed. On the last day, they will present their project and discuss their proposals and solutions with the local stakeholders involved in this activity, and to other interested people in Călărași. The stakeholders will be invited to vote and express their interest in proposed students' solutions.

The main output of the activity will be a collection of students’ projects together with stakeholders’ replics and co-participation reactions to the ideas development for each of the thematic cluster areas assessed in Călărași.

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