Research and teaching at the Center for Real Estate and Facility Management focuses on managing the development, financing, planning, operation and utilization of properties and real estate holdings. In line with the new political and social goals in Europe, particular attention is given to the future viability of buildings and properties throughout their entire lifecycle. 


Our Competencies

in research:

  • Ecological and economic lifecycle aspects of properties and real estate holdings, focusing on lifecycle cost calculation
  • Operator responsibility in real estate and facility management
  • Evaluating real estate brand equity


in teaching:

  • Real estate management: project development with particular regard to real estate sustainability, analyzing legal and tax-related aspects of real estate acquisition and management
  • Facility management: topics such as coordinating and managing facilities, buildings and infrastructures along their entire lifecycle with particular regard to energy and resources management 


Our Aims

  • To formulate socially and economically relevant questions related to sustainable real estate along the entire lifecycle, and to answer these in trans-disciplinary research and teaching
  • To analyze and improve the impact of real estate on human beings and organizations
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