With the aim of making knowledge effective, the department's part-time study program is aimed at those responsible for developed environments and sustainable construction - from architecture, building climate and building technology through to facility management, real estate management, monument conservation, cultural heritage protection and green infrastructure.

The university program is tailored to people in professional life. The study programs are therefore carried out on a part-time basis and meet their needs in terms of topicality, scientific soundness, practical relevance, time efficiency and future orientation. Our study programs are supplemented by tailor-made continuing education programs for companies and public institutions.

We conduct our courses in the form of blocked modules with a clearly focused content. The modules can thus be attended separately or in a pre-defined sequence, as well as individually combined.

Highly motivated personalities encounter each other in our courses to make their professional activities more effective, successful and to shape these with the highest degree of responsibility. This environment nurtures contacts and networks that open up new opportunities for you, including collaboration beyond your own professional discipline.

We offer (day) seminars and certified programs with up to 36 on-campus sessions for companies and public institutions.

Our customers are:

  • Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (federal real estate company)
  • MA 34 construction and building management, City of Vienna
  • Lower Austrian renovation consultants
  • Wiener Netze GmbH
  • Wiener Wohnen

We hold seminars and provide certified programs for these companies on the topics of facility management, real estate management and renovation.

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