Within the framework of an application grant (OEAD/APPEAR), Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil.habil. Monika Kil and Mag. Sonja Brachtl, from the Department of Continuing Education Research and Educational Technologies, travelled to Pristina/Kosovo for four days. Their host and co-applicant for the grant was AAB College, the first non-public higher education institution in Kosovo, which was founded immediately after the war in Kosovo. The AAB College presented their innovative Bachelor in Early Childhood. This visit created opportunity to discuss sustainable, joint, transdisciplinary-oriented continuing education research at the beginning of formal learning which fits in the research focus of the University of Continuing Education Krems.


During the visit, promising cooperation with internship institutions of different supporting structures in the centre and surroundings of Pristina already became visible. Both the Rector, Univ. Prof. Bujar Demjaha, PhD, and the Vice-rector for Teaching, Prof. dr. ass. Shemsedin Vehapi, expressed their interest that it should not remain a one-time activity. The long-term goal is to conduct accompanying research into the development of professions along the lines of lifelong learning, to record the preventive effects of education for the health sector and to establish joint master’s and PhD activities in the field of educational research.

A first cornerstone of the cooperation is the approved joint symposium within the Framework of Educational Management for the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) 2022 with additional participation of three researchers from the University of Marburg in the field of organisational education. It is titled as “Building up Lifelong Learning Competence in a Standardised, Culturally Sensitive and Socially Inclusive Way”.

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