Endotoxins are among the main targets in conditions that are treated by extracorporeal blood purification. They are major constituents of the outer cell wall of gram-negative bacteria and strong triggers of the inflammatory response in humans. Although there is an urgent need for endotoxin elimination approaches to neutralized endotoxin with adsorbents have been disappointing. The aim of this project is the development of an endotoxin adsorbents based on synthetic peptides immobilized on biocompatible polymer surfaces.

Lipopolysaccarides (LPS) is a major constituent of the outer cell wall of gram-negative bacteria and strongly triggers inflammatory responses in humans at concentrations as low as 1 ng per kg body weight per hour.
In addition to basic research investigate LPS aggregates, this project will create new opportunities to eliminate endotoxins from patients suffering from liver failure or sepsis.
Synthetic peptides derived from lactoferrin will be developed as endotoxin binding agents. After batch experiment for the selection of the most efficient peptides in suspension, the selected peptides will be covalently bound to adsorbent particles to obtain an endotoxin adsorbent which can be applied in blood purification as well as protein purification.
In addition, potential differences in biological activity of commercially available LPS and LPS from bacterial lysates will be investigated. Furthermore, the size of LPS-aggregates and its influence on biological activity of endotoxins will be determined.

Funding: Country of Lower Austria, EFRE


Duration 01/01/2016 - 31/12/2019
Funding Bundesländer (inkl. deren Stiftungen und Einrichtungen)
Program Technologieförderung NÖ

Department for Biomedical Research

Center for Biomedical Technology

Principle investigator for the project (University for Continuing Education Krems) Assoz. Prof. Dr. Jens Hartmann


Project Manager

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