Below you will find a list of all publications of the department. In the research database of the University for Continuing Education Krems there is also the possibility to search for specific publications.

Behrens, D.A.; Morgan, J.S.; Krczal, E.; Harper, P.R.; Gartner, D. (2023). Still looking in the wrong place: Literature-based evidence of why patients really attend an emergency department. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 90: 101707

Tuson, M.; Harper, P.R.; Gartner, D.; Behrens, D.A. (2023). Understanding the impact of social networks on the spread of obesity. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(15): 6451

Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C; Kritz, M; Grunseit, A; Chau, J; Ahmadi, M; Holtermann, A.; Koster, A; Tudor-Locke, C; Johnson, N; Sherrington, C; Paudel, S; Maher, C; Stamatakis, E. (2023). Barriers and enablers of vigorous intermittent lifestyle physical activity (VILPA) in physically inactive adults: a focus group study. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 20: 78

Kritz, M.; Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C.; Mullan, B.; Stathi, A.; Ntoumanis, N. (2023). How can older peer leaders best support motivation for walking in physically inactive older adults? A self-determination theory perspective. Psychology & Health, 38(7): 927-948

Cross, C.; Greaves, C.; Whithall, J.; Kritz, M.; Stathi, A. (2023). A qualitative longitudinal study of motivation in the REtirement in ACTion (REACT) physical activity intervention for older adults with mobility limitations. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 20:50:

Kessler, A.; Zipper-Weber, V. (2023). Born-again global internationalization in family businesses as a process: a dynamic capabilities perspective in the context of socioemotional wealth. Journal of Family Business Management, 13(4): 1366-1391

Brice, S.N.; Harper, P.R.; Gartner, D.; Behrens, D.A.; (2022). Modeling disease progression and treatment pathways for depression jointly using Agent Based Modeling and System Dynamics. Frontiers in Public Health, 10: 1011104

Behrens, D.A.; Rauner, M.S.; Sommersguter-Reichmann, M. (2022). Why resilience in health care systems is more than coping with disasters: Implications for health care policy. Schmalenbach Journal of Business Research, 74: 465–495

King, I; Heidler, P. (2022). Teleconsultation services in Pediatric Primary Care in Austria: upgrading clinical decision support in Primary Health Care settings. Telemedicine and e-Health, 28(1): 1470-1478

Olson, J.L.; Papathomas, A.; Kritz, M.; Ntoumanis, N.; Quested, E.; Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C. (2022). Challenges to engaging older adults in a group-based walking intervention: Lessons from the residents in action trial. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 3(5): 788-798

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