Below you will find a list of all publications of the department. In the research database of the University for Continuing Education Krems there is also the possibility to search for specific publications.

Krczal, E.; Hyll, W. (2022). Covid-19 triggered a physically active lifestyle of people with cardiovascular diseases: results of a small Austrian qualitative study. Frontiers in Public Health, 10: 947250

Bhattacharya, S.; Heidler, P.; Sheikh, S.M.; Marzo, R.R. (2022). Let there be light - Digital Eye Strain (DES) in children as a shadow pandemic in the era of COVID-19: a mini review. Frontiers in Public Health, 10: 945082

Bönisch, P.; Hyll, W. (2022). Television and fertility: evidence from a natural experiment. Empirical Economics, e-pub ahead of print:

Behrens, D.A.; Rauner, M.S.; Sommersguter-Reichmann, M. (2022). Why resilience in health care systems is more than coping with disasters: Implications for health care policy. Schmalenbach Journal of Business Research, ePub ahead of print:

King, I; Heidler, P. (2022). Teleconsultation services in Pediatric Primary Care in Austria: upgrading clinical decision support in Primary Health Care settings. Telemedicine and e-Health, ahead of print:

Anjum, T.; Amoozegar, A.; Farrukh, M; Heidler, P. (2022). Entrepreneurial intentions among business students: the mediating role of attitude and the moderating role of university support. Education + Training, ahead of print:

Kovacevic, R. M.; Stilianakis, N. I.; Veliov, V. M. (2022). A distributed optimal control model applied to COVID-19 pandemic. SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, 60(2): 221-245

Gutjahr, W.J.; Kovacevic, R.M., Wozabal, D. (2022). Risk averse bargaining in a stochastic optimization context. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Articles in Advance:

Marzo, R.R.; Ahmad, A.; Islam, M.S.; Essar, M.Y.; Heidler, P.; King, I. et al. (2022). Perceived COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness, acceptance, and drivers of vaccination decision-making among the general adult population: A global survey of 20 countries. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 16(1): e0010103

Braun, A.; Franczukowska, A.A.; Teufl, I.; Krczal, E. (2022). The economic impact of workplace physical activity interventions in Europe: A systematic review of available evidence. International Journal of Workplace Health Management, 15(4): 445-466

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