The Department for Psychotherapy and Biopsychosocial Health offers postgraduate academic training and continuing education as well as research in the field of psychosocial interventions, using a holistic and differential approach. University courses and classes are designed for professionals whose work with people centres on an inter-subjective process. The aim is to provide scientifically sound practice, i.e. theory-driven and research-based psychosocial fields of application.

Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. univ. Christoph Pieh


All classes are taught in German, therefore an excellent level of the German is required.

Please visit our German homepage for more detailed information.


Subject Area: Psychotherapy - Integrative Therapy

Subject Area: Psychotherapy - Behavioral Therapy

Subject Area: Cooperations for Psychotherapy

Subject Area: Psychology and Counselling

Subject Area: Psychosomatic medicine and biopsychosocial interventions


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