Mag. Thomas Wernbacher, MSc MA

Danube University Krems

Mag. Thomas Wernbacher, MSc MA

Center for Applied Game Studies

Projects (Extract Research Database)

ovos play

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Krenek Digitization

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Walk Your City: Forcierung des Fußgängerverkehrs in Städten anhand innovativer, verhaltensbasierter Interventionsformen

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Kinder Knigge

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Create Digital Games for Education

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Publications (Extract Research Database)

Wernbacher, T.; Seewald, A.; Denk, N.; Platzer, M.; Winter, T. (2019). Think! First: Inducing Behavioural Change Through Gamification, Persuasive Design Principles and Machine Learning. Proceedings of the 13th European Conference on Games Based Learning, 13: 793-801

Pfeiffer, A.; König, N.; Wernbacher, Th.; Yaffe L. (2019). Learning-Record Store on Blockchain: A Glimpse Into the Future. In: Kalir, J. H., Proceedings of the 2018 Connected Learning Summit: 349, CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY: ETC PRESS PITTSBURGH, PA, PITTSBURGH

Seewald, A.; Wernbacher, T.; Pfeiffer, A.; Denk, N.; Platzer, M.; Berger, M.; Winter, T. (2019). Towards Minimizing E-Commerce Returns For Clothing. In: Proceedigs of the 11th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence, 11: 801, SciTePress, Setúbal, Portugal

Black, M.; Donelan, L.; Higgins, T; Koenig, N; Lenzen, B; Muniz, N; Patel, K.; Pfeiffer, A.; Taylan, A.; Thomas, A.; Wernbacher, T. (2019). From Learning to Assessment. Utilizing Blockchain Technologies in Gaming Environments to Secure Learning Outcomes and Test Results. The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, MCAST Journal of Applied Research & Practice, Vol. 3, Issue 1: 172, Tik Communications., Handaq, Qormi, Malta

Kraus, Constantin, Wernbacher, T., Denk, N.; Platzer, M.; Titze, S. (2019). Time2Walk.

Pfeiffer, A.; Wernbacher, T.; Denk, N. (2018). Das Spiel auf der Blockchain. In: Volkskultur Steiermark GmbH, Jahrbuch Volkskultur Steiermark 2017: Homo Ludens - agieren.experimentieren.inszenieren. 82, Volkskultur Steiermark, Steiermark

Denk, N.; Pfeiffer, A.; Wernbacher, T.; Camilleri, V. (2016). Game Based Learning to Alleviate Early School Leaving – Weiterentwicklung der Toolkit-GBL Plattform, zur Verringerung der Schulabbruchsquote in Malta und Schweden. Haag J.; Weißenböck J.; Gruber W.; Freisleben-Teutscher, C.F., Game Based Learnng - Dialogorientierung & spielerisches Lernen digital und analog. Beiträge zum 4. Tag der Lehre an der FH St. Pölten am 15.10.2015: 91-100, ikon VerlagsGesmbH, Brunn am Gebirge

Denk, N.; Pfeiffer, A.; Wernbacher, T.; Ertl, B., Röhsner, U. (2016). A Social Network Game for Encouraging Girls to Engage in ICT and Entrepreneurship – findings of the project MIT-MUT. Academic Conferences and Publishing Interna Limited Reading, Proceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Social Media (ECSM 2016): 63-70, Bernadas, Christine & Minchella, Delphine, UK

Pfeiffer, A.; Denk, N.; Wernbacher, T. (2016). Toolkit: Game Based Learning im Schulunterricht. Medienbrief des LVR-Zentrums für Medien und Bildung, 2/2016: 8

Pfeiffer, A.; Denk, N.; Wernbacher, T. (2016). Responsive Webdesign 3.0, Design von Medienwelten für VR und AR. ISPA News, 4: 22

König, N.; Pfeiffer, A.; Wernbacher, T. (2014). Toolkit: Gaming Media and their Application in Educational Practice: An Interactive Toolkit for Teachers. In: ACPI, Proceedings of the 8th Conference on Gamebased Learning: 286-296, ACPI, Reading

Wernbacher, T.; Kofler, D.; Ghete, M. (2014). Nice Rides: a crowdsourced bike routing approach using gamification elements. Proceedings of the European Navigation Conference 2014

Wernbacher, T.; Pfeiffer, A. (2013). Ludwig: a physics adventure. Dr. Carlo Vaz de Carvalho, Dr. Paula Escudeiro, The Proceedings of the 7th European Conference on Games Based Learning, 7, acpi, Porto

Pfeiffer, A.; Wernbacher, T. (2012). Ludwig - ein Physikabenteuer. Gamebased Learning: Clash of Realities: 32

Wagner, M.; Wernbacher, T. (2012). Iterative Didactic Design of Serious Games. Foundations of Digital Games: 22

Wernbacher, T. (2012). It's-a-me, Mario: Parasoziale Identifikationsprozesse in Computerspielen. Tagungsband Future and Reality of Gaming: 23, Eigenverlag bmwfj, Wien

Wernbacher,T.; Pfeiffer, A.; Wagner, M.; Hofstätter, J. (2012). Can serious games be fun? Proceedings of the 6th conference on game-based learning, 6: 18

Wernbacher, Thomas; Wagner, Michael; Hofstätter, Jörg (2011). Learning by Playing. Proceedings of the Vienna Games Conference

Wernbacher, Thomas; Pfeiffer, Alexander; Wagner, Michael; Hofstätter, Jörg (2011). Learning by Playing. 5th European Conference on Game Based Learning, Athens

Wernbacher, Thomas; Wagner, Michael, Michael; Hofstätter, Jörg (2010). Playful Learning. Proceedings of the Vienna Games Conference 2008-2009: Future and Reality of Gaming: Exploring the Edges of Gaming, Braumüller

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Digital Games for 21st century skills

eTwinning Professional Development Workshop, 12/12/2019

Gamification und Radfahren

Fachtagung Fahrradland Niedersachsen/Bremen, Deutschland, 25/09/2019

Nudging anhand Walk Your City und weiterer Best Practices

Magistrat Linz, 08/05/2019

Games for knowledge Transfer

DigiKult_2019, Göteborg, Schweden, 03/04/2019

Get inspired! Brauchen wir das Spiel?

Travel Culture, Linz, Österreich, 08/11/2018


Climathon Graz, 19/10/2018

Nudging - das verhaltensentscheidende Stüpschen

Wir sind im Netz! Dimensionen Digitaler Medien, 11/10/2018

Learning Record Store on Blockchain - a glimpse into the Future

Connected Learning Summit 2018 at MIT, Boston, USA, 03/08/2018

Nice Rides: Wie Spielmechaniken zum Radfahren motivieren

5. Nationaler Radverkehrskongreß, 03/04/2017

Gamification & Big Data

The Big Data Game, 06/11/2016

Mit-Mut; Encouraging Girls for ICT and Entrepreneurship

ecsm2015, 09/07/2015

Bike Citizens

UDay XIII der FH Vorarlberg, 12/06/2015

Gamification, Serious Games and Transmedia Projects for Pre- and Elementary School

Ecomedia 2014, 20/10/2014

Bike Citizens

Ecomedia 2014, 20/10/2014

Grattle: a serious board game

European Conference on Gamebased Learning 2014, 09/10/2014

Toolkit: Gaming Media and their Application in Educational Practice - An Interactive Toolkit for Teachers

European Conference on Gamebased Learning 2014, 09/10/2014

Nice Rides: A bike routing approach using gamification and crowdsourcing elements

European Conference on Gamebased Learning 2014, 09/10/2014

Nice Rides

Velo-City 2014; Australien, 27/05/2014

Nice Rides: a crowdsourcing approach using gamification elements

European Navigation Conference, 15/04/2014

Toolkit - Game Based Learning an der NMS

KidZ, Klassenimmer der Zukunft (bm:ukk, ph-online)- St. Johann im Pongau, 14/03/2014

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