Dr. Roland Scholz

Danube University Krems


Research / topics

  • Transdisciplinarity
  • Sustainable Digital Environments
  • Sustainable Resources Management
  • Coupled Human Environment Systems

Projects (Extract Research Database)

Publications (Extract Research Database)

Scholz, R.W. (2019). Foreword: Phosphorus Recycling — Mending a Broken Biogeochemical Cycle. In: Hisao Ohtake, Satoshi Tsuneda, Phosphorus Recovery and Recycling: 5-10, Springer Singapore, Singapore

Scholz, R. W.; Bartelsman, E. R.; Diefenbach, S.; Franke, L.; Grunwald, A.; Helbing, D.; Hill, R.; Hilty, L.; Höjer, M.; Klauser, S.; Montag, C.; Parycek, P.; Prote, J. P.; Renn, O.; Reichel, A.; Schuh, G.; Steiner, G.; Viale Pereira, G. (2018). Unintended Side Effects of the Digital Transition: European Scientists’ Messages from a Proposition-Based Expert Round Table. Sustainability, Volume 10, Issue 6: doi.org/10.3390/su10062001

Scholz, R. W.; Geissler, B. (2018). Feebates for dealing with trade-offs on fertilizer subsidies: A conceptual framework for environmental management. Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol.189: 898-909

Scholz, R. W.; Wellmer, F.-W. (2018). Although there is no Physical Short-Term Scarcity of Phosphorus, its Resource Efficiency Should be Improved. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 2018: 1-6

Scholz, R. W.; Yarime, M.; Shiroyama, H. (2018). Global leadership for social design: theoretical and educational perspectives. Sustainability Science, Vol 13 Iss 2: p. 447-464

Scholz, R., Bartelsman, E., Diefenbach, S., Franke, L., Grunwald, A., Helbing, D., ... & Viale Pereira, G. (2018). Unintended Side Effects of the Digital Transition: European Scientists’ Messages from a Proposition-Based Expert Round Table. Sustainability, 10(6), 2018: 1-48

Wellmer, F.-W.; Scholz, R. W. (2018). Peak gold? Not yet! A response to Calvo et al. (2017). Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 134 /: pp. 313-314

Zinck, S.; Ayed, A.-C.; Niero, M.; Head, M.; Wellmer, F.-W.; Scholz, R. W.; Morel, S. (2018). Life Cycle Management Approaches to Support Circular Economy. In: Benetto, E.; Gericke, K.; Guiton, M., Designing sustainable technologies, products and policies - From science to innovation: 3-9, Springer, Cham

Arusey, C.; Njoroge, R.; Nekesa, A. O.; Ng´etich, W.; Kipruto, K. J.; Scholz, R. W. (2018). Transdisciplinary approach: Efforts toward improved maize yields on smallholder farms in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya by site-specific soil testing-based fertilizer recommendations. East African Agricultural and Forestry, Vol 82: 201-213

Scholz, R. W. (2018). Ways and modes of utilizing Brunswik’s Theory of Probabilistic Functionalism: new perspectives for decision and sustainability research? Environment Systems and Decisions, Issue 1: pp 99–117

Wellmer, F.-W.; Scholz, R. W. (2018). What is the optimal and sustainable lifetime of a mine? Sustainability, 10(2): p.480

Bilbao, J.; Scholz, R. W. (2018). Verwertbares Phosphor aus Klärschlämmen: Leistungen des erprobten Kubota KSFM Verschmelzungsprozesses. KA Korrespondenz Abwasser, Abfall, xx: xx

Scholz, R. W. (2018). Kubota KSFM-Verfahren – Phosphor- und Schwermetall-Extraktion aus Klärschlämmen durch Schmelz-Verfahren. Im Dialog: Phosphor-Rückgewinnung. Tagungsband 2018, 24.-25. Oktober, xx: 99-108

Scholz, R. W. (2017). Digital threat and vulnerability management: The SVIDT Method. Sustainability, 9(4): 554

Scholz, R. W. (2017). The normative dimension in transdisciplinarity, transition management, and transformation sciences: New roles of science and universities in sustainable transitioning. Sustainability, 9(991)

Scholz, R. W. (2017). Managing complexity: from visual perception to sustainable transition management. Contributions of Brunswik’s Theory of Probabilistic Functionalism. Environment Systems and Decisions, 37(4): 381-409

Scholz, R. W.; Yarime, M.; & Shiroyama, H. (2017). Social design for global leadership: Theoretical and educational perspectives. Sustanability Science, 13: 1-18

Sugiyama, M., H., D.; Ema, E.; Kishimoto, A.; Mori, J.; Shiroyama, H.; & Scholz, R. W. (2017). Unintended side effects of digital transition: Perspectives of Japanese experts. Sustainability

Sugiyawa, M.; Deguchi, H.; Ema, A.; Kishimoto, A.; Mori, J.; Shiroyama, H.; Scholz, R. W (2017). Japanese scientist’s view on unintended side effects (unseen(ns)) of the digital transition. Missions of the Tokio Expert Roundtables on “Structuring Research on Sustainable Digital Environments (SDE). Sustainability, 09: https://doi.org/10.3390/su9122193

Wellmer, F.-W.; Scholz, R. W. (2017). Putting phosphorus first: The need to know and right to know call for a revised hierarchy of natural resources. Resources, 6(2): 20

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Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Laudatio Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2017 Dr. Laura Woltersdorf

Wuppertal Institut, Wuppertal/Berlin, 05/12/2017

Transdisciplinaritäts Workshop (Lehrveranstaltung)

Donau-Universität Krems , 15/11/2017

From visual perception to sustainable transitions: Contributions of Brunswik’s theory of probabilistic functionalism

25th International Meeting of the Brunswik Society, Vancouver, 09/11/2017

Goals of the European ERT Structuring Research for Sustaiable Digital Environments

European ERT Structuring Research for Sustaiable Digital Environments; BMBF Bonn, 19/09/2017

Methods and Principles of Transdisciplinarity (Lehrveranstaltung)

Donau-Universität Krems, Summer School, 17/07/2017

Some proposals on sustainable management

UNEP-GPNM Meeting, Den Haag, 25/04/2017

Methods for Classifying Digital Threats (Lehrveranstaltung)

Donau-Universität Krems, 23/02/2017

Unintended Side Effects resulting from biotechnological and psychosomatic reboun effects of the new digital environment

Alternate Policy Process Institute, University of Tokyo, 21/02/2017

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