Publications (Extract Research Database)

Steffelbauer I.; Laubichler, M.D.; Zenk, L.; Schernhammer, E.; Birmann, B.M.; Bertau, M.; Caniglia, G.; Mühlmann K.; Satalkina, L.; Steiner, G. (2023). Complexity Literacy for a Sustainable Digital Transition: Cases and Arguments from Transdisciplinary Education Programs. In: IGI Global, Digitalization, New Media, and Education for Sustainable Development:, IGI Global, IGI Global

Steffelbauer, I.; Zenk, L.; Weitzer, J.; Bertau, M.; Jäger C.; Caniglia, G.; Laubichler M.D.; Schernhammer, E.S.; Steiner, G. (2023). Working on COVID-19 under COVID-19 Conditions: Transatlantic, Interdisciplinary Research on Complex Societal Challenges during the Pandemic Years 2020–2021 and New Forms of Collaboration in Science. In: Christina Hainzl, Doris Dialer, Hannah Kuske, Gesundheitspolitik und Gesellschaft in der COVID-19-Krise. Eine globale Herausforderung: 333-345, LIT VERLAG GmbH & Co. KG, Wien

Weitzer J.; Birmann B.M.; Steffelbauer I.; Bertau M.; Zenk L.; Caniglia G.; Laubichler M.D.; Steiner G.; Schernhammer E. (2022). Willingness to receive an annual COVID-19 booster vaccine in the German-speaking DA-CH region in Europe: A cross-sectional study. The Lancet Regional Health - Europe, 18: 100414, Science Direct

Lectures (Extract Research Database)

Living Lab 1 in der Wachau

Seminar in Form einer Exkursion und gemeinsamer Erhebungen, 13/05/2022

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