eduroam (Education Roaming) is an international project that makes accessing the Wi-Fi infrastructures of many domestic and foreign education institutions possible by means of the home network’s login data. For details and participating institutions, please refer to the official European eduroam-Webseite or the Austrian eduroam project site at

Students and staff at Danube University Krems use their network user names (Novell Account) and the domain to access the eduroam Wi-Fi network. 


(Attention, this is NOT your e-mail address!)

The SSID eduroam provides access to the Internet and to Danube University Krems’ public web services!

For DUK devices (staff devices) we recommend using the encrypted SSID „DUKDevice“ to use all internal services (data server, printers, etc.) For information and support please contact IT Unit.

Guests can use their home ID when they are with us and if their education institution supports eduroam. To configure your end device, please refer to your home university or institution’s eduroam installation guide. 
Guests without eduroam access can use the SSID „DUKAirnet“. For more information please see DUKAirnet.

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