Danube University Krems received two grants from the renowned Erasmus+ program of the European Commission as part of the current Erasmus Mundus call for proposals. The Joint Master Degree programs MARIHE "Research and Innovation in Higher Education" and Media Arts Cultures , coordinated by Danube University Krems, will be extended and expanded with a total funding of EUR 7.4 million as from 2019. The rector of Danube University Krems, Friedrich Faulhammer, regards the contracts as an award for quality and internationality.



The English-taught Master program "Research and Innovation in Higher Education" (MARIHE), which has been implemented for the first time in 2012, will award 82 full scholarships over four years as of 2019. Overall, the European Commission approved a funding amount of EUR 3.7 million. MARIHE provides a profound understanding of higher education systems worldwide as well as of university development and research and innovation management. The program has a duration of four semesters; students finish it with a Joint Degree either of MAster of Science, M.Sc.; or Master of Administrative Science, MSc. (Admin). MARIHE is coordinated by Prof. Dr. habil. Attila Pausits, Head of the Center for Educational Management and Higher Education Development.


As of 2019, MARIHE will be offering study visits to China or India and provide the following four specializations: Institutional Research, Learning and Teaching, Research and Innovation, Leadership and Management. The Eötvös Lóránd University, Hungary and the Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, India, will be partners in the consortium in addition to the previous cooperation partners the University of Tampere, Finland, Beijing Normal University, China and Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, Germany. 17 associated partners are additionally involved, including the OECD, the European University Association, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG and the Austrian Institute of Technology. "Working Papers in Higher Education Studies", the MARIHE consortium’s developed e-journal targets on research related program topics to be disseminated.


Media Arts Cultures - MediaAC
The four-semester Master program Media Arts Cultures - MediaAC aims to a better understanding for the revolution of images and digital cultures that have been integrated into media and art history over the last decades. Collection, exhibition and conservation strategies of digital art as well as their mediation stand equally in the center as the necessity to modernize museums and archives. The program completes with a joint degree and is led by Prof. Dr. habil. Dr.h.c. Oliver Grau, MAE, proprietor of the Department of Image Science at Danube University Krems. Here, too, Danube University Krems acts as coordinator of a consortium comprising international universities. Alongside the program are relevant research projects of the Department of Visual Sciences of the World Series of Conferences on the History of Media Art and the most comprehensive international archive of digital art (ADA), which are also located in the Department.

Aalborg University, Denmark and University of Lodz, Poland, previous partners for studies held in English, remain involved in the newly affirmed program for continuing education, were also endowed with a total of EUR 3.7 million; further partners, apart from the 15 associated institutions, are the Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore and the Ars Electronica Center in Linz.


Confirmation of international commitment
The programs MARIHE and Media Arts Cultures were two out of 110 submissions to the Erasmus Mundus program call for proposals; 42 will be funded within the framework of the Key Action 1 - Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees 2018. In total, five of these programs are coordinated by universities in Austria, two of them by Danube University Krems. Mag. Friedrich Faulhammer, rector of Danube University Krems: "To achieve an extension of these programs is an award for their excellence. Iam happy about this confirmation of the international engagement of the two departements. The contracts of the Master programs are strengthening the pursuit of the internationalisation and quality of Danube University Krems."


Master Program Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education - MARIHE

Florian Reisky, M.A. MA

Master Program Media Arts Cultures - MediaAC

Univ.-Prof. Dr.habil. Oliver Grau, M.A.

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