As a university for continuing education Danube Univeristy Krems ‘upgrades’ your knowledge: the eponymous magazine covers from different perspectives academic continuing educational trends and topics related to society and education policy opening space for an interdisciplinary approach.

upgrade – Danube University Krems’ magazine for knowledge and academic continuing education, is only available in German. However, please find selected articles in English in the section below.

Current issue

upgrade 2.21 - Law & Change


Where societies are built, there is law. Regarded as probably the most important achievement in the history of civilization, it regulates our coexistence, ensures freedom, keeps arbitrariness at bay, and forms the basis for progress. Law provides us with stability. But the legal system is also subject to change. Today's processes entail changes and present a wide range of challenges. Thinking as an example of the possibilities new technologies offer - buzzword: algorithms - requires a careful balancing of opportunities and risks. The ecological question also has an impact on the legal system, as do media discourses and political conflicts. upgrade's current issue deals with "Law and Change" and addresses these current challenges reaching from law, to digitalization up to climate protection. The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights forms the foundation which is essential to our law in Europe, yet it is little known. The upgrade picture gallery gives it the space it deserves.

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