The University for Continuing Education Krems ‘upgrades’ your knowledge: the eponymous magazine covers from different perspectives academic continuing educational trends and topics related to society and education policy opening space for an interdisciplinary approach.

Interreg Logoupgrade – the magazine for knowledge and thinking ahead by the University for Continuing Education Krems, is only available in German. However, please find selected articles in English in the section below.

Current issue

Getting Ahead


Despite the many unanswered questions of our time, one conviction is unquestioned: Education will play an eminently important role in the coming decades. The amendment of the Universities Act of 2002, which was passed in 2021, reorganized academic continuing education in Austria. The comprehensive reform package makes a significant contribution to the innovation and competitiveness of the higher education system, among other things through new standardized framework conditions, more options and increased permeability between regular and continuing education studies. The current issue, which focuses on "Continuing Education and the Future", is dedicated to the new opportunities: those of the continuing education reform, technology and related aspects, from more flexible curricula to new educational formats. It also looks at developments in academic continuing education in Europe and around the world. The photo series "getting ahead" illustrates how far one can get through continuing education by portraying outstanding personalities from recent history.

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