As a university for continuing education Danube Univeristy Krems ‘upgrades’ your knowledge: the eponymous magazine covers from different perspectives academic continuing educational trends and topics related to society and education policy opening space for an interdisciplinary approach.

upgrade – Danube University Krems’ magazine for knowledge and academic continuing education, is only available in German. However, please find selected articles in English in the section below.

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All (no) art - Focus: Culture and Time


Where does art come from, what drives artists to create? Art enriches its own spheres and the world of science with the ability to reflect upon reality, which is multi-layered and at times elusive. What science only attempts in parts with straightforwardness, has always been essential for art: to engage with societal, to admonish, to comment, and especially to change. In its focus on "Culture and Time," upgrade examines how the various fields of art are assertive during the pandemic, what developments are taking place in the cultural sector, what new self-image museums are taking into the future, what collection strategies they are pursuing, what determines musical life, and how young up-and-coming artists can hold their own. The picture gallery revolves around the question of where art comes from: Is art based on skill or - loosely quoting the Austrian composer Arnold Schönberg – or is it the urge of having to?

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