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upgrade – the magazine for knowledge and thinking ahead by the University for Continuing Education Krems, is only available in German. However, please find selected articles in English in the section below.

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Focus on Control & System - a coincidence or not?


Shelves overflowingly stacked with goods can already leave the impression of the world’s complexity. The “Paradox of Choice” sometimes lies in the detail: the phenomenon that copiousness of possibilities not only leads to making bad decisions, having difficulties in steering and planning life, but also elicits a feeling of unhappiness. Here, the questions arise how to deal with the challenges, all intertwined and interlinked, waiting for us in the present time. To navigate complex systems and subsequently decide effectively, for instance concerning world food supplies, an understanding of reciprocal dependencies is necessary: knowledge over the entailed outcome of this or that solution. Upgrade current’s issue covers a wide range of issues from world food supplies to searching for sustainability, and leadership in digital organizations – all representing complex systems we want to understand, need to assess, and make decisions within. The picture gallery "random“ depicts the fact that chance can take on a throughly planned function in complex systems.

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