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Your ID, please - Focus: Migration & Movement


The war in Ukraine make the focus of the latest issue of upgrade a highly topical issue: Migration & Movement. What seemed almost unthinkable at the time of going to press became a startling reality shortly before publication: circumstances that cause people to leave. It is only a few generations ago that people also left Austria for the so-called New World or other countries in search of a better, safer life - voluntarily or forced. With its focus on "Migration and Movement", upgrade 1-22 covers the complex of topics out of different perspectives: those of European politics, those of integration in urban and rural areas, those of returnees or those of the economy and science on the challenges of migration as well as on the relevance given to the widely recognized search for workers. "Passierscheine", the image gallery, illustrates here how important travel documents are. They determine the scope of our movement, are coveted identity cards for those seeking protection, but at the same time they are also a tool of power and protest as well as symbols carrying a high degree of expression.

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