Klima-Engineering Neue Burg (KHM)


The aim of this project ist the scientific monitoring for improving the building performance including the HVAC equipment as well as the building structure of the Neue Burg and the Corps de Logis. In a first step the current situation of the building is pictured by means of monitoring and subsequent thermal simulations. Based on these results, possibilities for increasing the energy efficiency are carried out, also with the aid of thermal simulation programs. Specific attention thereby is turned to the reactivation of the historic air funnels.


Duration 26/07/2012 - 31/01/2016
Funding Bund (Ministerien)

Department for Bulding and Environment

Center for Building Climatology and Building Technology

Principle investigator for the project (Danube University Krems) Dipl.-Ing. Markus Winkler


Winkler, M. (2016). Gebäudekomplexe - komplexe Gebäude: Die Neue Burg Wien und ihre sommerlichen "Schattenseiten". Tagungsband BauZ!2016 - Neues von alten Häusern, 2016: 79ff., IBO Verlag, Wien


Hofburg Wien - Differenzierte Herausforderungen der sommerlichen Überwärmung am historischen Gebäude (Museum, Büro, Bibliothek)

Forum Building Science 2015, 06/05/2015

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