The assessment of transversal skills in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) is an important starting point for competency-oriented learning. For the complex world of today and tomorrow, young people need abilities and skills which are transgressing subjects – for example problem solving. These skills can be developed in the STEM subjects if students are supported – especially by formative assessment. A learner-centered way of teaching is the way to help the students to develop competencies. The transfer of knowledge is far less important than teachers who act as mentors, thus creating a space for their students where they can develop abilities and train skills. In the project ATS STEM competency frameworks for STEM subjects are elaborated. Partners then look at the potential power of digitally supported feedback for the development of competences. In the framework of a large-scale experiment the didactic setting elaborated by the project partners will be piloted at more than 120 European schools. The project is coordinated by Dublin City University (DCU). Researchers, policy makers and practitioners from 12 organisations and 8 european countries are partners in the project. While Austria’s schools won’t be part of the piloting programme of the ATS STEM teaching and learning model, researchers of Austria’s Danube University Krems are contributing to the Design and the evaluation of the pilot. Danube University Krems is also leading the quality assurance work for the project. This ensures that all processes of the complex project are running smoothly. The learning process within the pilot should be an enriching and sustainable experience for teachers and learners. The outcome of the pilot will inform learning in STEM subjects and show the importance of different ways of assessment and feedback for the learning process.


Duration 01/02/2019 - 29/05/2022
Funding EU
Program ERASMUS+
Logo - European Union ERASMUS+

Department for Continuing Education Research and Educational Technologies

Center for Technology-enhanced Learning and Educational Information Systems

Principle investigator for the project (University for Continuing Education Krems) Isabell Grundschober, BEd, BSc, MA
Project members
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Costello, E.; Aral, N.; Hartell, E.; Lennholm, H. (2021). Is it in the bin? Seeking authentic assessment in STEM: ATSSTEM. PATT38 Organizing Committee, 2021: 31


ATS STEM: Einführung und Begriffsklärung

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MINT-Schlüsselkompetenzen fördern mit digitalen Werkzeugen

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