This module introduces the history and theory of the development of exhibitions from the tangible agora to modern virtual exhibitions as examples of multi-media knowledge transfer. From experiential environments to digital mediation and intervention, different types of scientific, artistic and commercial exhibitions and their mediation are analyzed. Analyzing visitor studies for museums and user experience for digital environments give insights into the parameters and possibilities of exhibition storytelling aimed at expanding knowledge.

Anticipated future module title:
Crossmedia knowledge transfer and storytelling in culture and science
(Curricula change currently in preparation)


~ Introduction to exhibition conception and development
~ Crossmedia storytelling for the Culture and Creative Sector   
~ Overview from tangible to virtual dramaturgy for knowledge transfer
~ Visitor research and UX design for museology and cultural management
~ Introduction to time and project management for cultural projects

Graduation Certificate of attendance
Format Blended learning
ECTS points 4
Modul 1
31/05/2021 - 04/06/2021
Language German or English