Part-time education in blended learning format means that you acquire your knowledge in classroom modules coupled with self-study. In self-study you prepare yourself for the attendance phases by means of literature and tasks via the e-learning platform Moodle. As a follow-up and proof of knowledge, you will develop written modular papers after almost all attendance phases, which will serve to transfer your competence acquisition into practice.

Your personal added value:

  • Qualification level tailored to your knowledge needs
  • Elective modules increase your flexibility in terms of content & time
  • Blended Learning - Presence phases coupled with e-learning
  • Increased professional usability & professional competence enhancement
  • Expansion of the professional network with students & lecturers

Overview of university courses

The university courses can be completed in the Master's (MSc, MA or MBA in 4 semesters), Academic Expert (AE in 3 semesters) or Certified Program (CP in 2 semesters) variants, provided that the appropriate note is placed in brackets. All university courses are offered in German only, with the exception of Communication and Emerging Technologies MA.

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