When will I hear back if my abstract was accepted? 

We will inform applicants about accepted papers by early November.

Are travel bursaries provided? 

No travel bursaries will be provided to participants.

What fees must I pay if my paper is accepted? 

The conference is free for presenters and open to the public.

Do I need to register to attend the conference? 

All participants and attendees are required to register. Registration for the conference is not yet possible. The dates of the registration period will be announced shortly.

I need a Visa to be able to attend the conference. Where can I get support for the visa application?

  • It is the participant’s responsibility to obtain their visa. You are urged to apply for a visa in time. For general inquiries, or if you need an invitation letter from the conference organizers specifying the event’s details or a proof of conference registration or participation, please contact us at imiscoe_spring25@donau-uni.ac.at 
  • To assure a trouble-free application process, we strongly advise you to contact the competent Austrian representative authority in your home country for individual counselling.
  • For general information on the University for Continuing Education and Krems please take a look at our guide for international guests

I am planning to organize a panel. What is the best way to approach it?

Panels should not be composed of papers coming from a single project. Instead, we encourage panel proposers to build panels drawing on a diverse set of researchers. Open calls for contributions for panels should also be considered, which should be circulated via IMISCOE (website, social media). Panel organizers launching an open call for paper proposals should forward calls to the IMISCOE communications officer (imiscoe.communication@uliege.be) for further circulation via IMISCOE.

Generally, we encourage panel proposers to consider diversity in the composition of panels, notably in terms of career stage, but as far as appropriate to the panel theme, also in terms of disciplinary background or theoretical or methodological approaches.  

I have submitted my own paper submission, but am also involved in two other submissions as co-authors. Is this a problem?

Participants can be (non-presenting) co-authors of one or more papers. However, in the programming of the conference and final selection of papers the Program Committee will consider co-authorship patterns and may use closeness of topics or origin of papers in the same projects as additional selection/exclusion criteria.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at imiscoe_spring25@donau-uni.ac.at

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