In October 2017 the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary doctoral focus on economic and political development in rural areas started at the doctoral school of the Andrássy University Budapest (AUB). Here University for Continuing Education Krems is cooperating with the Andrássy University Budapest (AUB). The doctoral focus is a project of the international, interdisciplinary and inter-university network for economic and political development in rural areas (ECOnet).

Economic and political science approaches by means of dealing with questions of development in rural areas are particularly the focal point. The transdisciplinary research perspective is regarded as possible addition to a disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, which is characterized in particular by the methodical integration of scientific and practical knowledge in dealing with life-world problems.

Students address regional potentials and challenges both within the framework of their dissertation projects and through participation in courses. The following focal research areas are subjected, conductive for dissertations:

  • Structural policy, community cooperation, administrative organization, regional management, financial and budget policy, labor market policy
  • Demography, health care, infrastructure, digitization, innovation, economy and environment, sustainability, migration, (social) cultures
  • Political participation, comparative electoral research, interplay of subjective perceptions of the population and political or public measures, aspects of political communication
  • EU regional policy and the role of the regions in the EU
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