Research Lab Democracy and Society in Transition

Faculty of Business and Globalization

The Research Lab Democracy and Society in Transition, which has been in existence since January 2018, addresses societal and socio-political issues with a particular focus on democracy research and participation.


Classic approaches to research should be juxtaposed alongside new methodological approaches and Science to Public projects - not in a competition, but in order to make the diversity of thinking, research and experience comprehensible. In order to strengthen the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary nature of the Research Labs, it cooperates closely with existing departments of the University.

The projects address current issues of the political framework for social development, the critical discourse on democracy and participation, including their quantitative research and regional provision.

In addition, it should be shown where social action and prevention can improve social coexistence and social peace.

The Research Lab also offers dissertation programs in the fields of politics and regional development.


Head: Mag. Dr. Christina Hainzl, MSc

Research interests

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