Research interest

To be, to stay, or to become healthy again is not only of personal interest but also important for the societal development itself.

The aim of focusing on this field is to examine the relationship between health and society, with special emphasis on digitization, and to point out perspectives for further development and the (political) need for action.

Technical innovations and social change are closely linked. The way we communicate, treat and deal with health or illness is constantly changing. Innovations open up new possibilities and - if properly used - can make a contribution in which the resilience of social systems strengthen and requirements are met appropriately. As most of these transformation processes are complex they call for inter- and transdisciplinary approaches.

It is the health policy's task to provide comprehensive health care for all people (see for example the Social Charter of the European Union). Digitization brings a number of opportunities and challenges in this area as well. The Lab grapples with the question how we deal with these opportunities and obstacles, and which perspectives can be found to take action.

Research Projects

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