Digitalization is an ongoing process, which transforms economic, social, political and technological systems at all levels of society. Thus, at the Danube University’s Faculty of Business and Globalization founded the Transdisciplinarity Laboratory Sustainable Digital Environments (SDE Td-Lab).

The goal of the SDE Td-Lab is to generate knowledge and strategies for a sustainable transition towards the digital age. According to the principles of transdisciplinarity this does not only ask for a targeted interdisciplinary process, but also for a close coordinated action among scientists and key stakeholder groups from industry, public administration, and society as such which are related to specific questions of the digital transition.

The Td-Lab of the Faculty of Business and Globalization of the Danube University of Krems is following the conception, that knowledge from science and practice may only be efficiently related and used if both scientists and practitioners take responsibility for a transdisciplinary project. This holds true in particular for the critical phase of problem definition.

This is why Danube university is targeting that all projects and processes of the SDE Td-Lab will be run by co-leadership between practitioners and scientists. This co-leadership, at least on the level of the project steering board, should be established in the early phase of projects and processes and involve starting the stages of problem definition via designing the transdisciplinary process up to developing socially robust orientations (solutions) for using and developing digital technologies.

The SDE Td-Lab includes transdisciplinary projects, processes, and courses. The scientific and societal goals of all projects are related to the question of establishing resilient relationships between human systems (individuals, companies, national and international agencies etc.) and digital systems. Currently, the SDE Td-Lab is initiating a couple of projects and transdisciplinary courses in master programs, which will be led by groups of researches, department- or faculty consortiums.

Co-Leader Practice

Dr. Reiner Czichos

CEO ctn - Consulting & Training Network

Mag. Michael Dell

Managing Partner ratio strategy & innovation consulting gmbH, Speaker of Expert Group Innovation and Technology transfer (Austrian Economic Chambers)

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