This volume documents the intellectual exchange of the British artist Jaimini Patel and her aesthetic engagement with The Archives of Contemporary Arts and its architecture: Drawn to the sense of absence evoked by the unassigned reading room, further accentuated by its distinctive architecture, the artist felt compelled to consider the empty shelves lining the walls. The ensuing work is a deliberation on the nature of matter, memory and time.

With contributions by Anja Grebe, David Komary and Jaimini Patel.

Brigitta Potz (editor): Jaimini Patel. An Inventory of Small Acts. Vienna, Innsbruck: Studienverlag 2019 (The Archives of Contemporary Arts, Special Writings Volume 2). 64 pages, hardcover, with numerous colour illustrations, ISBN: 978-3-7065-5917-1

Further information: Studienverlag

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